Wednesday Wompfest [3/14/12]

We here at AYNE are not the greatest at holding commitments, but we’re working on that, kinda. Here’s a tutorial to all of you dubheads out there starting to experiment with installing plug-ins and turning knobs.

Jesse Bravo aka RotBott is worthy of the spotlight for this weeks wompfest. Check out his remixes to Childish Gambino’s ‘Heartbeat’ and Britney Spear’s ‘I Wanna Go’. They are hot of the fraichmaker and quite heavy. Pick them up pronto:

Heartbeat (RotBott Remix) ~ Childish Gambino

I Wanna Go (RotBott Remix) ~ Britney Spears

A couple dubtastic bonuses:

True Gangsters (Distantt Remix) ~ Skrillex

The Hero ~ Nostalgia <- Legendary.

Electro bonus (shhh):

Fire Power (Paraxe Remix) ~ Wolfgang Gartner

“she’s got a key to my place, but she’s not my real girlfriend”

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