[Spotlight] Shook

Bruins just lost. That’s not cool. But, wanna know what is cool? Shook. This homie is oozing with steez and I am a huge fan. Stumbled onto his soundcloud page about a week ago and I have been pumping his nu-disco fraicheness out my Bose pretty consistently ever since. I’m focusing more on his remixes in this post, although he has recently come out with his first EP: The Rise and Fall. Everything is a little on the poppy side, but, hey, when the sun dresses come out, everything’s fair game.

Stumbled into Mike Song (some asian urban dance legend) today too, good shit, right Merokee? Check out his renditions to Shook’s remixes for “Quicker” and “Lights”.

Human Life – Don’t Fade Away (Shook Remix)

Penguin Prison – The Worse It Gets (Shook Remix)

Multimillionaire (Shook Remix) ~ Penguin Prison

In The City (Shook Remix) ~ Ronika

Cameo Lover (Shook Remix) ~ Kimbra

CHiP (Shook Remix) ~ Jupiter

Support him on Facebook, bump the rest of his tracks on soundcloud or check out his website… pretty confident we can expect more funky fraicheness from this kid

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