RELEASE: Viceroy feat. Madi Diaz – Chase Us Around (Original Mix) [Shark Party]

Yet another dope track from Viceroy. For the first time he uses vocals in an original track, and they work perfectly. This song further proves his theory that its always summer somewhere…wait, I think thats technically a fact. Thats neither hear nor there. The frisco kid has been holding it down for the west coast scene this summer. A few fraiche remixes have already become my personal summer theme songs. And honestly, the level of amazing music coming from Cali these days is making it extremely hard for me to resist moving to the better coast.

Viceroy feat. Madi Diaz – Chase Us Around (Original Mix) – Beatport Link $$$$$ Solid gold summer treasure. Support this up-and-coming artist by purchasing the track via Beatport….if not simply for his musical genius, do it for his devilish good looks 😉

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