The Monthly Answer 29

So, in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, Russia is killing it right now in the EDM scene. Every week I am introduced to an awesome new talent. For me at least, it all started with my boy ARTY. Ever since listening to his work, I have been searching for more epicness from the tundra. That being said, Answer42 is an Italian progressive house / trance trio formed by Wim Broersma, Ilich Molin & Francesco D’Este. Spawned back in 2006 as X-Tence, the team has been developing its own distinctive flavour and sound, releasing few singles and remixes also under the name: Mooka. They have been releasing their “Monthly Answer” podcasts on the first Tuesday of every month, and let me tell you… they are fucking magical. Their most recent mix, number 29, has a guest appearance from one of their Russian mates, Aleksey Yakovlev, who by the way is quite fraiche. Do yourself a favor and listen to this mix in its entirety. Then, once you’ve put on a fresh new pair of boxers, visit his soundcloud.

Track list follows…

1st Hour: Answer42 

Oliver – Footsteps

Andrey Potyomkin – Astrogation (Blood Groove and Kikis Remix)

Answer42 – The Lemon Effect (Suspect 44 Remix)

Vadim Soloviev – Reverse Gear

Fon Leman – Colibri

Wavemanx – Get Down

Vadim Soloviev – Monday Bounce

Jonas Afonso – Travelling By Subway (Embliss Remix)

Rob & Jack feat Emil Hemmming All My Love

Acid Andee – Discopia

Fresh Produce – Solid Ground (Blood Groove and Kikis Remix)


Hour 2: Aleksey Yakovlev

Sergey Tkachev – Mi Ta (Alexey Sonar Remix)

Oliver Smith – Under The Wire (Original Mix)

Mindset – Zephyr (Original Mix)

Johan Vilborg – Altara (Nigel Good Remix)

Dunkan – Super Beach (Original Mix)

Jaytech – Overdrive (2012 Remix)

Matao – Kali Yuga (Original Mix)

Solarity – North Circ (Oleg Izergin Remix)

Roddy Reynaert – Fellowcraft (Original Mix)

Answer42 – The Lemon Effect (PROFF Remix)

so fraiche and so clean

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