Slow It Down

If you don’t know Poolside, well, that tells me a few things about you. First, you are tragically uninformed. Second, you haven’t been keeping up with AYNE…tisk risk. And third, you may want to consider a serious life change. That said, this one is off their new album “Pacific Standard Time,” and it’s a nice change of pace from all that noise we listen to that is most likely eroding our eardrums as I type this. Oh, and not to mention, it has over 200,000 plays and 1,951 favorites…and counting. Slow clap…now.

May I suggest one more thing? Pick up the full length album for $5 via the link below.


Pacific Standard Time, to the band’s credit, sounds fantastic: the basslines are fat, the guitars ripple, the keyboards radiate, and the percussion evokes ice rattling around in cocktail glasses. It is also an entirely functional record. Poolside are very clear that they didn’t set out to accomplish a damn thing with this album, and if you weren’t setting out to accomplish a damn thing with your summer day, you could pick many worse soundtracks. Its 72-minute run time is almost hilariously unnecessary, unless of course, you have plans to lie by the water for a few hours.” – Pitchfork

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