Future Music: Modern Amusement 01

Lee Foss is constantly pushing the envelope in the deep house scene as he continues to grow his Hot Creations label with co-owner Jamie Jones. Recently signing Danny Daze was definitely a good call. These guys got soul, and it shows in their live shows as well as their original productions. I listened to this set last night, and I was thoroughly impressed by Lee’s mixing and track selection. There are a few songs that he brings in for only 8 bars or so simply to tease the listener with a familiar baseline or synth rift. Now, I understand deep house isn’t for everyone, but give this mix a listen anyways, the man puts on a mixing clinic and it’s free of charge.

Taken from Lee’s soundcloud:

“I received this mix last week. It was sent from a future me on a disc labeled Lee Foss Live @ Hot Natured Party Saturn 2082. It was brought by robot called B6 the Backwards Motion Robot. It was shivering and cold to the touch so I take it the time travel process must be freezing. Some time in the near future mankind must have achieved both time travel and a colony on Saturn. Apparently this was a “classics set from the early 2000’s” at a Hot Natured Party on Saturn and “went right off” This was all the information B6 had. . .
As this mix was made by a future me, or possibly a clone I do not have a tracklist. Enjoy..”

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