azn’s are fun

Made my way over to the Prudential Center this evening while I awaited my appointment at the Genius Bar for my ailing MacBook Pro. She has recently been misbehaving on me glitching out for no reason and freezing up. I kinda wish I was a baller like Steve Angello and could throw it in the pool for a brand new “iSurf” as he so aptly called it, but instead I watched a bunch of Asian’s crush the food court. I dunno what it is about the Pru, but you Asian folk sure love that place. Could be Sarku, that place is bomb, but I can’t attribute it to just that. Someone help me, is it one of their shops or something? I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, and can’t put my finger on it…

Asia (Original Mix) ~ Airsoul labelled trance in Beatport this song is fire been bumping it for a few weeks now and it hasn’t gotten old on me so that’s always a good sign

Vision (Original Mix) ~ Ashley Wallbridge off his ‘Inner Me’ album this song has gotten a lot of plays on my iTunes since the release… the strings are undeniable

Don’t worry Kate we haven’t forgotten about you…

Pool Splash Domino (Michael Elliot Mashup) ~ Michael Elliot VS Jessie J Macarize crushes it as usual signing this bro, kids got definite production skills and this mash makes ze panties wet

Baby Driver (Jonas Stenberg Pickup) ~ PNAU VS Labtracks  aye oh aye oh aye

Heartbeat (axisONE Remix) ~ Childish Gambino a progressive Gambino remix from Hong Kong native, axisONE, to finish her off…

Pretty sure Justin, Harry and Dave are all out of touch with the interwebs right now so it looks like you’re stuck with me this week. Enjoy the ride.

– ralphy

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