RELEASE: Stafford Brothers & Olfulsen – Take Control (Original Mix + Baggi Begovic & Robbie Taylor Remix) [Stealth]

If you are in search of some hard hitting house thumpers, this EP from Stealth Records has the perfect tracks. Currently #12 on the Beatport house chart, the Stafford Brothers and Olfulsen have a real gem. Soulful, sassy vocals and an infatuating groove are the highlights of this track for me. The other track featured on the release is the remix from Baggi Begovic and Robbie Taylor. They feature an additional baseline that drives the track as a whole. They combine the funk with some nice effects to make a very good remix. I think I still prefer the original because of the verse and buildup, but both of these are really solid additions to any DJs tracklist. Drop one of these and you really do have control of the crowd. Not dancing is really not an option when the groove hits your body. Grab a copy of each via the Soundcloud players below.

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