FREE DOWNLOAD: Singularity feat. Steffi Nguyen – Breathe (Original Mix)

We don’t post enough Moombahton in my opinion, so hopefully that will be changing as Harry gets back in the groove…cause we all know he loves the womp. This is the title track is off of Singularity’s upcoming EP “Breathe,” and it combines some gorgeous melodic elements to go with the sensual vocals from the talented Steffi Nguyen. Previously, I had not been aware of Singularity, let alone how fraiche his music is, so guess I was educated today. He is definitely a name to remember if you are into Moombahton. Check out his Soundcloud and Facebook pages.

And as a bonus here is another free remix of his. Everyone likes a fresh new remix of a pop single…don’t kid yourself, you know you do.

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