Chookie is the brand new Sydney born and internationally based indie label fronted by disco king and producer of ‘that’ Americano track, DCUP. In case you didn’t know…his music is pretty much my inspiration for producing…and maybe life in general. He is teaming up with the likes of LA based artist manager Jerry Soer and globally roaming DJ/pop culture connoisseur, Lola Siren. Here’s their vision in a nutshell, straight from the lips of its founder: “I believe if you want something to last five years, build it to last a hundred. Watching music become so disposable, I want to start something special, a hub for creative musicians, that together make records that bump for decades, and songs that echo for centuries”. I for one, could not be more excited about this. It will without a doubt be one of the best labels in music…period.

The amount of talent and creativity in this first release, “I’m Corrupt,” from label head, DCUP, should be evidence of what is to come. Remixers include, Sammy La More, Peking Duk, and our good friend Viceroy. Basically a a funky electronic dream team. Preview all the tracks below.

RELEASE DATE: 10.04.2012

And I will leave you with this message from their Soundcloud page: Just another label? No way. With a slew of established and up and coming/hot shit producers, vocalists and remixers lined up for release over the next few months, Chookie is about to renew your faith in all things electronic. 

Sounds good to me.

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