Jaytech Music Podcast 057

The September episode of Jaytech Music features a showcase of upcoming & underground new progressive talent, with tracks from Roddy Reynaert, EDU, and Matt Fax. Guest mix this month courtesy of eleven.five.

Jaytech is a legend. His mixes always tickle my fancy as his sound is just so fraiche. Never miss a podcast by subscribing to it onĀ iTunes. Eleven.five has been on my radar for about a year now glad to see Jaytech giving him the nod for the guest mix. His stuff is always dreamy and progressive with a tendency towards trance. My liking is more towards Jaytech’s style because he gets heavy at times, always keeps it danceable and never crosses the line towards pop (which I really respect).

Read on for track list…

Part 1 – Jaytech

1. Blend – Dakar [Portrait Digital]
2. Nigel Good – Space Minus One [Intricate]
3. Alexey Vincent – On My Way [Spring Tube]
4. Matt Fax – Cycle [Elliptical Sun Melodies]
5. Roddy Reynaert – Shovelhead [Enhanced]
6. EDU – Give It To Her [Macarize]
7. Naden – Phantom Memories [Electronic Elements]
8. Toby Hedges – Chasing The Sun [Portrait Digital]
9. Vinayak A – Sometimes It Just Turns Into Reality (Michael Cassette Remix) [Mesmeric]
10. Airdraw – Juno (Mono Suono Remix) [Silk Digital]

Part 2 – eleven.five

1. eleven.five – The Way We Were (Intro Mix) [Arrival]
2. eleven.five – I Sense Danger [Free Download]
3. Peter Illias – Let Me Be [Silk Royal]
4. Jaytech – Dr Device [Anjunabeats]
5. Lunarbeam – Centauras (eleven.five edit) [Incepto]
6. Unique DJ, North State & Roby K – Maybe You’ll See (eleven.five remix) [Neuroscience]
7. DAN&SAM feat Maxx Hennard – Walls [Silk Royal]
8. D&Z – Oddessy [Fuzzy]
9. eleven.five – For All Occasions [Alter Ego]
10. Dinka – Lotus (Johan Vilborg remix) [Silk Royal]
11. Pierre In The Air – Salire (eleven.five Remix) [Alter Ego]
12. eleven.five and Dan Sieg – Sydney Sleeps Alone Tonight (Undo Mix) [Silk Textures]

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