I Like That Shit

Haven’t given away any freebies in a while. We here at AYNE are doing our part in attempt to promote less piracy in the blogsphere (even though you know I dig that shit). That being said, since I love you, here are a handful of progressive tunes that I fully enjoy. Some of them are new, others are a little older. My guess is you won’t find most of these on the typical blog circuit that I’m sure most of you frequent, so that should be fun for you. If you don’t recognize the artist or have any doubts whatsoever, do yourself a favor and follow blindly. I would never steer you wrong.

Helsinki Scorchin’ (Michael Cassette Remix) ~ Super8 & Tab

She Made Me Smile (4Frame’s 80s Remix) ~ Johan Vilborg, Seven Palmberg

Into The Sun (Ezzy Safaris Remix) ~ Jezka

All My Love (Michael Elliot Remix) ~ Rob, Jack Feat. Emil Hemming

Muse Collector (Original Mix) ~ Fon.Leman

Pepe’s Garden (Original Mix) ~ Jaytech

Surefire (Original Mix) ~ Henrik B


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