RELEASE: Pierce Fulton – Sink Or Swim / Mr. Mime EP [Cr2]

Ok, I knew he was talented, and I have always loved his taste in music, but this EP is surprisingly good. I’m talking next level productions. The first track off the EP is called “Mr. Mime,” and like I told Pierce, it is on a level that few can touch. The name that comes to mind is Eric Prydz…who is also my favorite producer all-time. So, that said, Pierce is well on his way to becoming not only a huge star as a DJ but also a revered producer. Notice, I haven’t even mentioned the second track, “Sink Or Swim,” which features sensual vocals from Bebe Rexha, who I might add, is a foxxx…and she lives in New York…ow owww. Between her vocals and Pierce’s dreamy progressive chords, you’ve got yourself a hit.┬áCheers bro. We are behind you 100%.

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