RELEASE: Zedd – Clarity EP [Interscope Records]

Yesterday Zedd released his debut studio album called Clarity. This is one of those albums you shouldn’t have to ask questions, just fill in your billing information and download anything and everything. But, in case you don’t yolo that hard, you can find everything on the album thanks to Interscope Records soundcloud account at the bottom of this post. My personal favorite (apart from Spectrum because I’ve head that so many times already plus remixes) definitely goes to his collaboration with Lucky Date and Ellie Goulding. Typically, if you throw those three on a track, it’s gonna end up pretttty fraiche. Give it a listen. (Pause. Select “Watch in 720”. Party.)

And, as promised, the rest of the EP:

Thanks Interscope! Send us free shit!

[Beatport Link]

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