RELEASE: Solidisco & Bartouze – Dream Of You (Original Mix) [PornoStar]

Ok. This song tells me several things. First, it reaffirms my love of Solidisco and how they are creating some of the best dance music in the biz. They call it disco but modern…I call it solid gold. Second, PornoStar Records is highly underrated and underhyped. I fucking love you guys…for reals. Check them out on Beatport. You won’t regret it. And lastly, I have officially moved very far from mainstream progressive and electro house and much closer to a nice mixture of melodic trance, house, deep house, and disco/nu disco/funk. It’s just better all-around dance music. That is what I will be playing and producing.¬†After all, it’s about ze donsing…is it not?

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