RELEASE: Discopolis – Committed To Sparkle Motion (DubVision Remix) [Axtone]

The latest release on Axtone records hit Beatport today. It’s simply incredible. The vocals are beautiful and the synth work is out of this world…it’s DubVision on the remix, so that’s a given. Swedish House Mafia has been playing their stuff for over a year, namely “All By Myself,” which equally fantastic. That’s good enough for me. Anyways, this song will definitely hit the Beatport top 10 at some point. I suggest you stop listening to me ramble and buy this shit immediately. This is easily the biggest track progressive track out right now….besides Mr. Prydz that is…sorry I’m biased. All in all, respect to DubVision. If you aren’t familiar with them, you have some serious issues…one being, not enough AYNE. They are a Dutch duo who produce “a combination of emotional, euphoric and organic influencens all merging into one ‘in your face, hands in the air’ style of music.”

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