So, it’s about time Kygo got his spotlight (seeing as I said I’d do one 2 weeks ago and Dad (Wilki) had to remind me to get off my ass and do it). He’s a 22 year old producer from Norway, and he has songs that have that deep island vibe to them. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. Here are a few choice cuts, but be sure to check out his whole offering. Oh yeah, almost forgot, they are all free.

Smooth remix of Ed.

Some Ellie.


All the feels.

No diggity.


FREE DOWNLOAD: Mikky Ekko – Kids (The Chainsmokers Remix) [RCA Records]

MIkky ekko Kids cover Art Chainsmokers

The Chainsmoker return with yet another remix. This time they remix a favorite vocalist of mine Mikky Ekko (the guy on Rihanna’s huge hit Stay, which he actually wrote, if you didn’t know) and his great song Kids. This is more of their upbeat style and it definitely gets the job done.

Original (just because I really like it):

RELEASE: Icona Pop – Girlfriend (The Chainsmokers Remix) [Beat Beat Records]

New track from The Chainsmokers. Always a nice surprise. They remixed Girlfriend by Icona Pop on this one. This has a harder drop then their normal euphoric sound, and seems to be more for the club/festival scene. It has already received support from Tiesto on his Club Life podcast, which is pretty cool. Their mini video is above, which features Alex and Drew as their current selves and their younger counterparts, and the audio preview is below.

Beatport Link

RELEASE: What So Not – High You Are (Branchez Remix) [OWSLA]

Oh, Branchez at it again. Oh kill ’em. This is a ridiculously dope trap remix of OWSLA label’s What So Not (never heard of them/him/it? until I heard this track). Definitely do yourself a favor and listen to this immediately. It’s available on Beatport and iTunes.

Beatport Link

FREE DOWNLOAD: BANKS – Change (The Chainsmokers Hot & Steamy Edit)


One of the reasons I haven’t been posting as much is I have been delving into various different genres lately, and not that much house. Sometimes you gotta branch out and take a breather, so I have been listening to music that is a little more relaxing. One of the songs I heard in this time that I really enjoyed was Change by BANKS. Her music is all pretty good and relaxing, but Change is definitely her track that stuck out to me personally. Well, The Chainsmokers decided to remix it and took a deep house approach (based on their song description it seems they were trying to make a track while simultaneously showing an acquaintance that they understood deep house). Being deep house, it’s not their usual uptempo approach, but it’s good.