RELEASE: Avicii – You Make Me (Throttle Remix) [PRMD]


Avicii really hit it big with the original of “You Make Me.” It is definitely one of the best tracks on his new album…regardless of what all those haters out there may say about the album as a whole. But this remix…whoa. Throttle is a young producer out of Melbourne who has burst onto the scene over the past few months with his impressive brand of “dirty disco.” Not only does he do wonders with a mashup, but his originals are quite impressive as well. He has some extremely catchy piano/synth melodies and combines them with high-energy disco/electro drops that will have any crowd on its feet in seconds. I like to think of his sound as a cross between Dada Life and Madeon. He has certainly caught my attention and just may have restored by faith in that electro sound.

RELEASE: Pryda – Lycka / F.A.T [Pryda Recordings]


What a ledj. If you’re like us, you already know about this release.  As a long time Pryda fan, I am still speechless about this one. I remember the days when we would have to wait literally YEARS for something like this (especially ‘Lycka‘) to see the light of day. Can’t express how glad I am to see Eric’s happy side show again. I mean I love the dark stuff, don’t get me wrong, but let’s face it, there really isn’t anything like a melodic Pryda anthem.

Picture is taken from Rolling Stones‘ interview during his most recent weekend in NYC for EPIC 2.0 (link).

A Very Matt Fax Christmas

Advent Calendar 2010 - nov VS - 25.10.10The young frenchman has thought of a clever way to give his fans a treat this holiday season. He’s calling it his Advent Calendar and it will feature something new every day of December (I’m beginning to wonder how this kid finds time to like be a kid and kill zombies or something, but then again I’m glad he doesn’t). Sunday he took the reigns of Anjunabeats Worldwide for the 358th episode. I let it transport me from Boston -> Hartford that same day during all the Thanksgiving traffic and I couldn’t have cared less, so young David, I’d like to say publicly that I am very thankful for that.

Then, yesterday he had a verrry fraiche two song EP release on Silk sub-label ArrivalBeatport Link

The title track, “Orion”, is also featured on the newly launched Arrival 01: Destination United Kingdom compilation. “Orion” starts out smoothly with enjoyable pad layers and soothing sound effects. As the track progresses, numerous synths are added, and in the break, a lush theme melody emerges. Subtle piano chord stabs join the theme in creating a unique and mesmerizing atmosphere.

A darker groove is introduced in “Hidden Feelings”, where the break features a set of pleasant piano melodies and hypnotizing pad elements. The track continues in full effect, mainly enhanced by the powerful combination of the intriguing theme lead and rolling bassline.

Not quite sure what he has in store for us today, but if you haven’t coped the free download on his Facebook page, you could definitely start there. (link)

EVENT: HARD Day of the Dead 2013 [Nov. 1 & 2]


 This looks like a pretty wild time. If you are on the west coast or headed that way, I strongly suggest this event. Mainly because Eric Prydz is playing both days, once as Cirez D and then as himself. Such a badass. Anyways, lots of other dope acts performing as well, such as Duke Dumont and Benoit & Sergio, or if you like to get weird, Skrillex and Deadmau5 will be throwing down. Oh and Calvin Harris too. Go tell him to play some “original shit” and see what he says. And I’ll stop there…you can read the flyer.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Nest HQ MiniMix – Amtrac


Yet another shining example of why Amtrac is one of my favorite artists in electronic music. Constantly pushing the boundaries while maintaing that dark, melodic groove he is known for. Amazing track selection on the mix. Features his new original called “Walkin’,” which is fresh as fuck. Not to mention “Drop The Dow” from Round Table Knights and that following remix from BeatauCue. Both are funky as shit, and I am 100% confident they destroy up the dance floor…ok fine, the entire mix accomplishes that. Let’s just leave it at this…the man is talented and has superb taste. Can’t wait to see him live.


2013-06-22 18.00.07

Why is “#UNDENIABLE” the title of this post? Look no further than the young Swede featured in the photo above. Tim Berg aka Avicii has taken us for quite the ride over the last three years. He went from a young(er), bright-eyed bedroom producer playing select gigs, experiencing his first Ultra Music Festival in 2011, and then taking the world by storm ever since. I mean, there he was sitting 3 feet away from us outside the pool at the Ritz Carlton in Vegas (not bragging…but it was not not chill) having some casual drinks and a few smokes with us watching the Miami sunrise…and now…he is selling out arena’s, donating an entire tour’s proceeds to charity, and holding a residencies in Vegas and Ibiza. Anyways, we were honored to see him spin at Marquee Dayclub over EDC weekend and definitely had a day to remember.


He dropped a ton of new material and energized the crowd with some serious electro house drops. Tim played lots of personal edits that mixed and matched his vocal tracks other instrumentals, played the eSQUIRE remix of Daft Punk‘s “Get Lucky,” a very fraiche bootleg of Adrian Lux‘s “Teenage Crime” with vocals from Of Mice & Men‘s “Little Talks”, and, of course, Cazzette‘s new trap remix of “Alcoholic” absolutely crushed. Ending his set with Notorious’ “Hypnotize” wasn’t a terrible call either. Although my favorite part of his set had to have been when he snuck in a little bit of The Outfield‘s “Your Love”.

2013-06-22 17.22.26

The scene was nothing like I had seen before. Even Chicago Bulls basketball star, Joakim Noah, was there taking in the sun supporting his fellow countryman. I guess partying with beautiful people is just that much more fun. Hey, sorry I’m not sorry. We’ll leave it at this…Tim can do no wrong in my book. His music is just special. In a word, “undeniable.” No matter how you slice it, Avicii @ Marquee just feels right.

Massive thanks to the Marquee staff for letting us take pictures and hang out for the day, can’t wait to do it all over again next year.

A few of the aforementioned tunes after the jump…

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