RELEASE: Ilan Bluestone – Big Ben EP [Anjunabeats]

Epic new EP from one of my favorite Anjunabeats artists, Ilan Bluestone. Fresh off of his latest hit single “Spheres” he drops a huge 3 track EP featuring entrancing melodies and euphoric synths. Huge support across the industry including legends, Above & Beyond. Been playing “Waves of LA” a lot and really dig the vibes. What’s your favorite?

FREE DOWNLOAD: TASTE Vol. 5 – “The Search” by WILKI


My latest mix is features some of my favorite deep and dreamy progressive vibes, and since there were way too many to choose from I made it two parts. The follow up mix will be called “Found” and it will be released in early January. In the mean time, dive in and immerse yourself in the groove. Tracklist will be available new years day.

A Very Matt Fax Christmas

Advent Calendar 2010 - nov VS - 25.10.10The young frenchman has thought of a clever way to give his fans a treat this holiday season. He’s calling it his Advent Calendar and it will feature something new every day of December (I’m beginning to wonder how this kid finds time to like be a kid and kill zombies or something, but then again I’m glad he doesn’t). Sunday he took the reigns of Anjunabeats Worldwide for the 358th episode. I let it transport me from Boston -> Hartford that same day during all the Thanksgiving traffic and I couldn’t have cared less, so young David, I’d like to say publicly that I am very thankful for that.

Then, yesterday he had a verrry fraiche two song EP release on Silk sub-label ArrivalBeatport Link

The title track, “Orion”, is also featured on the newly launched Arrival 01: Destination United Kingdom compilation. “Orion” starts out smoothly with enjoyable pad layers and soothing sound effects. As the track progresses, numerous synths are added, and in the break, a lush theme melody emerges. Subtle piano chord stabs join the theme in creating a unique and mesmerizing atmosphere.

A darker groove is introduced in “Hidden Feelings”, where the break features a set of pleasant piano melodies and hypnotizing pad elements. The track continues in full effect, mainly enhanced by the powerful combination of the intriguing theme lead and rolling bassline.

Not quite sure what he has in store for us today, but if you haven’t coped the free download on his Facebook page, you could definitely start there. (link)

FREE DOWNLOAD: TASTE Vol. 3 – “Alive In Your Dreams” by WILKI

WILKI - TASTE Vol. 3 - Alive In Your Dreams

Back again, serving up a heavy dose of deep progressive and trance vibes to take you to all the right places. Plenty of gems, lots of deep sensations, so turn it up and let go.

Tracklist up on my Soundcloud this weekend.

RELEASE: Arrival 01 – Destination United Kingdom Sampler [Arrival]

8405284Our forthcoming release, “Arrival 01: Destination United Kingdom,” is an exciting new chapter in the history of our Arrival imprint. This sampler features 4 standout tracks from the compilation, including new material from Kobana, Marsh, BXT, and SNR. Kobana’s new offering, “Sighted”, starts off with a smooth groove, soon followed by a tremendously well-crafted bassline. Introduced in the break, blissful background synths unite beautifully with the bassline, which also acts as the main lead in the song. “Smiling At You” from Marsh introduces a deep, unique rhythm, combined with light background melodies and a memorable vocal stem. Sweeping pad lines emerge later, and a hypnotizing atmosphere dominates the break, in which the main lead is introduced. BXT’s “Moments” starts out with a hard-hitting bassline and firm percussion lines. The enjoyable theme riff emerges in the break, which also features an accompanying piano line. Soon, the theme riff evolves into a true peak-hour lead, which provides additional energy to the song. “Kumba” by SNR begins with strong percussion elements and a growling bassline. Blissful melodies are soon included, and the break features extremely lush pads and delicate vocal stems. The main theme riff soon appears, and it is accompanied by a unique, light synth — the combination of which goes quite well with the energetic groove.

I’m not exactly sure where to start with this release. It’s VERY large. I’ll let the music do the talking…

Beatport Link

Read on for complete compilation tracklist…

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FREE DOWNLOAD: Taste Vol. 1 – “Within” by WILKI

WILKI - Taste Vol. 1 - v2

Ah the changing of the seasons. Back in the city full time. Lots of cool events coming up, so stay tuned. In the mean time, enjoy my new mix series. Going to be going back and forth between ze deep stuff and those sessi progressive vibes you know and love. Here is Vol. 1 and it was highly influenced by my love for all things Eric Prydz. If you are going to either of the upcoming shows in NYC, let me know. Me and Ralphy J will be at both. And it will be glorious. I actually have a half chub thinking about it right now…