PREVIEW: Tom Swoon – Wings (Myon & Shane 54 ‘Summer Of Love’ Remix)

As is the case with many of their ‘Summer Of Love’ remixes, this may never get released. But, seeing as it has been featured on both ASOT and ABGT (multiple times), I decided you all must hear it. Now we all can cross our fingers together and hope for an official release. Myon & Shane 54 are simply on fire right now, pumped for more music to come out on their label Ride Recordings.

RELEASE: JimiJ – Dvoloka / Kansani (w/ Roddy Reynaert Cognitive Remix) [Ifonika]

945945_533233550052043_479189877_nIfonika Recordings next installment brings the very talented JimiJ from Australia, fresh off his outstanding Mea Culpa EP on Electronic Elements (Armada). JimiJ makes his debut on Ifonika with ‘Dvoloka’ and ‘Kansani’. ‘Dvoloka’ begins with a progressive rhythm and reverberating low ends setting the tone for it’s solid house vibes and tribal punches. ‘Dvoloka’ then stages dreamy trance breakdowns in-between its surging rhythms, solidifying its quality. Roddy Reynaert is on remix duties presenting his ‘Cognitive’ take on ‘Dvoloka’. The remix begins with fine rhythmic progression and an advancing lead, complimenting the recognizable tone of ‘Dvoloka’. The track pushes forward with striking synths and vocal sirens, opening up in force within its breakdown for the striking melodic final phase. ‘Kansani’ is a fine progressive house track that expands layers of tech progressive pads and bass cuts, tied within an energetic and rhythmic high end that brings the tracks energy to the forefront. Full of ghostly ambiance, atmosphere and driving beats, ‘Kansani’ is an outstanding finish to a superb debut on Ifonika by JimiJ.

This release has been without a doubt the most supported Ifonika release to date with the #1 DJ in the world, Armin van Buuren, playing Roddy’s ‘cognitive’ remix in the most recent ASOT session. Big ups to the team over at Ifonika for this feat, and for recruiting great progressive talent so far, but we here at AYNE are sure this is only the beginning. Like the little girl in the AT&T ad says…

“If you really like something, you’ll want more of it. We want more, we want more!” [Link]

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FREE DOWNLOAD: Armin van Buuren – Essential Mix (05.25.13)

tumblr_mnfdfdUCnT1qf9rkmo1_500Special 3 hour BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix from the people’s champion, #1 DJ in the world, Armin Van Buuren. The guy is an absolute legend. I knew this was gonna be cool, but damn. Would never have guessed Armin was gonna get so progressive on us all of a sudden, that first hour is so magical. And then it just keeps going. And going. So many feels. Upset that I missed Him in Boston this past Sunday, but I was finding inner peace in the mountains of VT. I mean, I listened to the Bruins game on a transistor radio for fucks sake, cabin fever like you research about on

Tracklist follows…

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PREVIEW: Max Graham feat. Tania Zygar – Diamonds [Re*Brand]

tumblr_mdh05kz59W1r2gj9ko1_500Been waiting for a longer preview of this for a while now. I am anxiously awaiting Canadian beauty, Tania Zygar‘s forthcoming album Now Or Never, as it looks to be jam packed with quality choons. Armin premiered ‘Diamonds‘ today on ASOT, it’s a feel good summer track and I like it… a lot. What do you guys think?

Release date April 29th

RELEASE: Kevin Wild – Polly (Original Mix) [Air Up There]

col6As you would expect on Air Up There ‘Polly’ is packed with club energy, neat percussion transitions and edgy arrangements. Starting with a bouncy club beat, this main-stage track evolves into a stunning breakdown with liberating elements before spiraling into massive club lead made with ‘summer’ in mind.

Kevin Wild is another one of the homies Wilki and I had the pleasure of meeting on the Myon & Shane 54 party cruise during WMC in MIA. Yes, onlookers may have been questioning our sexuality, but then again who doesn’t wonder about their own from time to time? I mean, heck, for all I know I’ll wake up tomorrow and feel the need to buy a pair of skinny jeans, and then next thing I know I’ll be watching the Big Bang Theory telling all my friends how good it is, and that they should totally watch it. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Check out our new friend’s FIRST Beatport release, and support him as ‘Polly’ is sure to be the first of many releases to come. Oh, and Armin supported it on ASOT, which is nice.

PREVIEW: Armin Van Buuren & Arty – Nehalennia [Armada]

artyOne of the new exclusive tracks which will be featured on the A State of Trance 2013 Mix compilation. It’s exactly what you would expect from the two trance kings. Arty going back more towards his roots, Armin being Armin. The word Euphoric comes to mind. The single will be out on the 11th of February, on Beatport as an exclusive.

Pre-order your copy of A State of Trance 2013: