EVENT: Holy Ship 2013 [Lineup Announced]

This lineup is simply elite. If you like good music, fun DJs, and partying on boats, you might want to try and sneak on….just sadly found out that it’s 100% booked. It will be a 3 night cruise complete with some of the best DJs in the world, private islands, and beautiful party people. What more could you ask for in a long weekend? Peep the lineup and promo video from last year below.


I want to punch myself in the dick for not booking this in August.

Let’s just pause right here…take a moment to digest…if you really need to know more, venture on sailor.

Ok, now this is just silly. This may be too much. Jack Beats…pure filth behind the decks. Skream & Benga throw an insane show. Zedd…duh. Crookers…mommy! In any case, if you aren’t blown away yet…

Oh what’s up D. Francis, Tommy da Trash…not to mention the absurd amount of talent packed into one picture. I mean good lord! Breakbot…brilliant. Gesaffelstein might be a genius…straight up. And the list goes on.

Now we get a bit deeper. Oliver is pure gold. Love the disco flavor. Eats Everything always seems to be making noise on Pete Tong’s radio show, and I trust him, so there.

Laidback Luke’s better half crushes it behind the decks and The Knocks are always on point. Research the rest of these artists, but I am certain you will find them aurally pleasing.

RELEASE: Benga feat. Marlene – Pour Your Love (Chuckie Remix) [Columbia]

Chuckie is without a doubt one of AYNE’s all time favorite bros and DJ/Producer. I know this isn’t exactly breaking news, but just in case you didn’t hear us before or experience it on your own. The dude has serious swag. He is a must see at any festival, and in a club, he straight tears it up. He is one of the few who say really own the title of “DJ and Producer.” This new track is a remix of a Benga original called “Pour Your Love,” and it is more of that earth-shaking dirty dutch flavor that Chuckie has made so famous.