Long Weekend = Short Week

Cameron is keeping it tight these days. So is newcomer Jordan Daaz. Expect big big things from this bro.

Jordan Daaz – OMG (Original Mix)

Two is always better than one…oh, ya…and they are olympic athletes. Synchronized swimmers…what do ya know?

Duck Sauce vs. Bastian Van Shield & Tujamo – Big Bad Wold (Relanium Bootleg)

Sultan & Ned Shepard feat. Quilla vs. Alesso – Walls Of Valentina (Project 46 Insert Syrup Edit)

She dances on her own.

Justice & Boys Noize – Phantom Pt. 2 (Disfunktion Edit)

Shout out to Mr. Lamotte over at the GoofShack for this sexy little midnight number.

Matty Maneck & Social Phunk – Are You Ready For Love (Original Club Mix)

Sweet dreams children.

casual saturday night

My Saturday night started out relatively normal. I was asked to DJ at Alpha Delta Phi, of course latest notice possible, and I hesitantly obliged as I am still currently on party retirement. It was a 19AD themed party so I threw together an 80’s playlist complete with love shack and a some other beauties along with a few updated remixes to the likes of ‘girls just wanna have fun’ and ‘somebody’s watching me’. The party started off slow, naturally, as it is a social faux pax to arrive to the fraternities any time before midnight. As I looked around and saw bros everywhere in turtlenecks and track jackets, the basement completely decked out in neon and Madonna playing in the background, I began to¬†reminisce¬†about a few of the bars I stumbled into while abroad… Definitely not the straightest time in my life.

Babes did indeed show up, however, and partying ensued. At around 1 am, we were all presented with the greatest gift of all – the starting 5 of the UCONN Basketball team showed up and started partying with us. Lamb was the first to approach the booth/stage with Drummond close behind. The first song the requested was ‘teach me how to dougie’ and I threw it on promptly. Pretty sure I had an out of body experience as I dougied with the starting five… by the end of the song I had looped the chorus for a good 6 or 7 minutes. Next Drummond asked for ‘cat daddy’ – and that’s when I lost it. It was literally too classic. Unfortunately, I didn’t have that on my iTunes so I reverted back to something 80’s related and the party continued. They all left after about 45 minutes, but not before they went bottoms up on a few handles and grinded with a few #trinsluts. Good duty, boys, I’d party with you any time.

These housier yams were a hit later on (gotta give the people what they want):

Girls Just Want To Have Fun (Original Club Mix) ~ Cassey Doreen

Big Bad Wolf (Mats Gulbrandsen Wolf Mix) ~ Duck Sauce

Somebody I Used To Know (It’s The DJ Kue Remix!) ~ Gotye