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Here it is ladies and gents. The last Visions of Summer mix for 2013. Think of it as the grand finale. Yes I could have made it 4 hours, but that seems excessive. So it’s almost 3 hours, and it’s nothing but beautiful productions from some of my favorite artists and labels. Of course there are some from the Anjunabeats camp, as well as several from the hottest rising label in progressive house right now, Ifonika, which has produced killer tracks from Roddy Reynaert and JimiJ…to name a couple. There are some older deep cuts, a couple edits from myself, a new single from The Chainsmokers, and numerous selections from the Enhanced imprints. Maybe if you’re lucky, I will post the tracklist. In the meantime, grab your favorite headphones or speakers and get into it.

RELEASE: Anjunadeep pres. Summer Progressive 01 [Anjunadeep]

tumblr_ml2b2b1hY31qboxego1_400To coincide with the sunny summer months, we revisit some of the bright and uplifting progressive classics that have formed such an integral part of the Anjunadeep sound over the years. Bursting with melodic nostalgia, “Anjunadeep Summer Progressive 01” includes much loved gems from our discography such as Jaytech‘s collaboration with Boom Jinx “Milano”, Solarity‘s “DNA” and the Paul Keeley offering “Paper Jet”.

We hope that most of you out there are very much familiar with Anjunadeep/beats by now, but that does not necessarily mean you’ve been there since the beginning. Every so often the crew over at Anjuna HQ puts together a compilation album to showcase their sound with some of their older tunes. This one in particular may be my favorite as for one there is a lot of Jaytech, which is fraiche, and two it’s that summertime sound that Stevo and I fell in love with all those years ago. Whoever has the “job” of going through the Anjuna back catalog and selecting music for future compilations… I envy you. Although, I can definitely see that being a little stressful narrowing it down to 12 tracks. Go share this compilation with your friends and get them on the Anjuna team, it’s the only logical thing to do at this point. If you don’t that pretty much makes you an accomplice to ignorance.

1. Jaytech “Pepe’s Garden”
2. PROFF “My Personal Summer”
3. Paul Keeley “Paper Jet”
4. Dinka “Zero Altitude”
5. Jamie Matrix “Gold Rush”
6. Boom Jinx & Jaytech “Milano”
7. Electrobios & Interplay “With You”
8. Jaytech “Sundance”
9. Monakhov & Que “Hola”
10. Suspect 44 “Japanese Schoolgirls”
11. Solarity “DNA”
12. Answer42 feat. Belinda Frank “Pink Houses”
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PREVIEW: Boom Jinx, Maor Levi & Ashley Tomberlin – When You Loved Me (Juventa & Toby Hedges Remix) [Anjunadeep]

fraekfredag_follow-herHaving already turned their attention to respective solo remixes for Super8 & Tab and Ronski Speed, bright stars Juventa and Toby Hedges combine for an alternative big room anthem. With a chunky groove building to an emotive euphoric release, this is another polished production from two of the scene’s freshest talents.

Talk about a heavy, hitting lineup of artists packed into one song. This is HUGE. Damn. The youngsters over at Anjunabeats are killing it right now.

Release Date: July 15th

OFFICIAL VIDEO: Boom Jinx, Maor Levi, & Ashley Tomberlin – When You Loved Me [Anjunabeats]

One of the most anticipated tracks from Above & Beyond‘s DJ sets over recent months, “When You Loved Me” sees two of Anjunabeats‘ most celebrated producers team up in Norwegian legend Boom Jinx and Israel’s finest Maor Levi, joined by American vocalist Ashley Tomberlin.

You Lift Me Up

Some smooth electronic/trance type vibes for ya’ll… I was told by an avid AYNE follower this past Saturday while spinning on a rooftop in NYC that he NEEDED more trance. And I could not agree more. The sounds coming out of Anjunabeats right now are simply breathtaking, and they’re not the only ones picking up the slack. Yeah, electro is cool to party to sometimes, however, if someone can do trance/electronic right (Prydz, cough) not only do you party like it’s 1999, but also your soul is lifted to a level you once never knew existed. These next few tunes are on the chiller side, yet their fraicheness is certified by yours truly.

Promises (Soundprank Remix) ~ Andain

Midas ~ Soundprank

Cosmos (Original Mix) ~ PROFF & Answer42

By All Means (Original Mix) ~ Boom Jinx & Andrew Bayer

No post is complete with out at least one half-naked bomb shell…

New Dawn (Original Mix) ~ Oliver Smith

The Lemon Effect (PROFF Remix) ~ Answer42

She Moves (Ashley Wallbridge Vocal Mix) ~ Andy Moor feat. Carrie Skipper

Make that two bomb shells…. take me wherever this is pronto, and make sure that these songs are playing just loud enough in the background, so the vibes can subconsciously uplift my spirit.

Kopanang ~ Ashley Wallbridge Feat. Kobalt Infusion

Skyscraper (Original Mix) ~ Dinka

Yeke Yeke 2011 (Bluestone Remix) ~ Mory Kante Vs. Loverush Uk!