Hmm.. That’s Interesting..

I don’t spend much of my time listening to songs like these, but when I do typically a lot of structural damage is committed by myself and my partners in rajé. Luckily, I play a lot of away games (if you know what I mean) and personally don’t own many nice things. Oh, the benefits of being poor and amiable…

*Whip Your Hair*

Toot Toot (Zeds Dead Remix) ~ DJ Vadim, The Electric

Carukia Barnesi (Original Mix) ~ Jellyfish, Access Denied

The Eye (Original Mix) ~ Midnight Conspiracy & Cenobite

Kili (Original Mix) ~ Savoy

Flying Blind (Killbot War Paint Mashup Mix) ~ Cosmic Gate & JES

Sorry, I’m contractually obligated to reference American Psycho at least twice a month… Psyche. That would be pretty dope though… It’s hip to be square ya’ll

*Deep House Warning*

Work It Out (Disclosure Booty Call Edit) ~ Q-Tip

The Drummer (Danny Daze Paradise Garage Mix) ~ NIki & The Dove

Typical Tuesday night.. you know.. get naked.. throw on something groovy.. make a whiskey on the rocks.. start instagraming.. What’s that? You too? Let’s do lunch.

*Is It Summer Yet?*

Get Naked (Louis La Roche ‘Is It Summer Yet?’ Remix) ~ Riva Starr & Fatboy Slim

The Sunset (Le Crayon Rework) ~ Chateaubriand

Spirit Of The Night (Bestrack Remix) ~ Tesla Boy

Cameo Lover (GLOVES Remix) – Kimbra [Free Download]

*Good Night and Good Luck*

In It Together (Moonchild Remix) – Human Life

Hearts On Fire (Kid Color Remix) ~ Cut Copy

Where Are You Now (StardonE Remix) ~ Queen Of Hearts