Gerard de la Disco – Radiant Future EP


Not sure that this is technically a release since two of the four tracks are not available for purchase or free download. Honestly, who gives a shit. My office just allowed Soundcloud past the firewall. Fuck ya. Anyways, Gerard de la Disco is a ghost. A ghost that loves to make sexy disco music. Yes, there is little know about this bro, but his sound is phenomenal and technique is superb. Props bro, we diggin’ the summer vibes. Oh and thanks for the free tunes. Download “The Future” and “Don’t Wake Me Up” below.

He is a man of excellence. He is a man of distinction. He is a man of passion. But most of all, he is a man of disco.

MIXTAPE: Louis La Roche Radio Show – April 2013 [Free Download]


This mix is 100% pure gold. Full of must have, must play nu disco, indie dance, electronic funky fraicheness that will have you begging for more. The piano is superb, synths are ever so succulent, and the baselines…oh ze baselines. My lord they are good. Literally every single track in here is worth a download, and I would even venture to say that if you don’t download at least some of these immediately, you should just delete AYNE from your memory. We cannot help you. Anyways, Louis La Roche is definitely one of our favorites and a staple of our Funky Fraiche Friday post since it’s inception. He’s keepin’ it funky, holdin’ onto that groove nice and tight. We respect that. Tracklist features the new single from Russ Chimes called “Turn Me Out.” Yea, it’s essential. And also included is a special previously undisclosed remix of A-Trak and Tommy Trash collab, “Tuna Melt.” It’s quite special. Obviously there’s Louis’ remix of Calvin Harris‘s “I Need Your Love,” but what really sets the tone for the whole mix is the eternally fresh original from Roman D’amour. The man is a legend. I mean, let’s be honest…he’s the guy behind “Make Love Tonight.” Yea you’re probably thinking of the Lifelike remix…oh hey, you know what, Roman is on his label…coincidence? I think not. These frenchmen know whats up.

Visit Louis’ Soundcloud for the full tracklist.

MIXTAPE: Late Nite Tuff Guy – Another Nite In A Disco [Free Download]


When I think of sexy, old school soul music, funky disco, and revamped classics, the first guy that comes to mind is LNTG aka Late Nite Tuff Guy. He has impeccable taste and flawless execution. This is one of the best mixes of 2013. Take a listen…you’ll get it. Oh, and pretty much every track in there is one of his own edits…respect.

RELEASE: Televisor – The Pressure [Monstercat]

Well, I have returned. Didn’t have a computer for a couple months due some irresponsible broneys and frat sodas. Not optimal. Then I have just been lazy for a little since I finally got my computer back. Anyway, enough about me.. Here’s some fraiche Disco House. Enjoy.

And here’s two other Monstercat releases..

Prog House jam.

Anddd here’s a very Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites-esque one.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Solidisco – Never Let You Go (Original Mix) [Fools Gold]


Solidisco is keeping the dream that is disco alive. Here is a brand new original from the NY-based duo that Fool’s Gold Records is giving away via Soundcloud. Old school vocal samples with their signature piano-driven drops. Don’t talk, just dance.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Yazid Le Voyaguer – Magic Dance (95 Royale Remix) [Disco Future]


For all the those on a mission to get down and dirty this thursday night. Our prescription is disco. The brand is 95 Royale. He’s from down under and wants us to get funky. Track is free so, download it, play it, dance it. Make love to the night baby. Make love to the night.