PREVIEW: Arty feat. Fiora – Grand Finale (Original Mix) [Ministry Of Sound]


The wizkid is back. One of the most beautiful, blissful, elegant tracks I have ever heard. At this point Arty might have invented the term “magic touch.” And we have to give props on choosing Fiora on the vocals. The girl has got that special something. Make sure you put this at the top of your watch list for this month. It’s essential.

RELEASE DATE: 07.22.2013

RELEASE: Madeon – Finale (Dillon Francis Remix) [UKF]

Been anxiously awaiting this all week. Dillon Francis goes moombahmode on one of the best tracks I heard live at ID Fest this summer. Madeon really is next level shit…and I’m pretty sure he just recently tuned 18…like really? How can you compete with that. Anyways, this version is a bit slower and features that nice wompage. Previewed it last week, but it’s definitely worth a follow up posting for the release. Download. Get weird.

Madeon – Finale (Dillon Francis Remix)Beatport Link

It’s Pahty Time

So glad we got Wallace back in the building. AYNE is going to do some big this in NY this fall. If you happen to be in Montauk over Labor Day, you’re in for a treat. Wallace will be spinnin’ a blowout event at the Sloppy Tuna on Saturday, September 1st. Things are gonna get weird. With that said, you all know what time it is. Time to let loose and lose control. It’s the weekend. And if anyone tells you different. They probably don’t know what fun is. Anyways, here are some tracks to help start it off right. We’re gonna kick it off with a throwback that my buddy JR showed me onto today. It’s a moneymaker. Then we will get increasingly wild…just like your night should progress. Oh, and shout out to KirillWasHere for the dope pic. Do something memorable this weekend.

DNA – Solarity (Original Mix) – ’09 beats. Super fraiche.

Serge Devant & Danny Inzerillo feat. Polina – When You Came Along (Original Mix) – Lovely vocal house grooves. Donse baby, donse.

Lazy Ants, Phantom Revenge – Feeling (His Majesty Andre Remix) – Can you say…Daft Punk? Speaking of which, wtf is up with the new album. Anyone got any info?

Tom Staar – Home (Original Mix) – This dude is tearing it up. Big support.

Madeon – Finale (Kastra Remix) – not sure how people successfully remix Madeon’s tracks, but this one ain’t bad. Fits the bill till the D. Francis remix hits.

Jordy Dazz vs. Albin Myers – The Drum Beast (Zaken Mashup) – this kid has had several tracks on Tiesto’s Club Life radio show, liv

Jakob Liedholm – Love Tonight (New Edit) – And one for the climax…consider it the new bromance.

 Ah thank you.

PREVIEW: Madeon – Finale (Dillon Francis Remix) [UKF Music]

Dillon Francis has a money haircut and is an extremely talented producer of fun music. He takes the 16yr old prodigy, Madeon, and his new track “Finale” and gives it the Moombahton treatment. Slower, more electro, more bass, and of course, the proper amount of womp. Whenever you mix nice and naughty, the result is always gonna be big. Set to be released this week on Madeon’s label Popcultur…yea, that’s right, the kid can’t even by cigs and has his own label.

RELEASE DATE: 08.16.2012

Brace yourself.

Is This Love?

Aiden Grimshaw – Is This Love (Dubvision Extended Mix) – $$$$$ Another amazing production from Dubvision. They have a phenomenal sound.

Wolfgang Gartner vs. PNAU – Redline Baby (Miami Hustlers Edit) – $$$$ Vocals are money, synth work is stellar. All around solid track.

Madeon – Finale (Melfrez Extended Cut) – $$$$ Can’t wait for the original release to drop. Madeon is a prodigy. Opening up for the Swedish House Mafia at MKB this summer…pretty much the ultimate honor.

“Brace yourselves for the grand finale.”