Summatime Shweetness

Van She – Jamaica (Plastic Plates Remix)

Summer : Playtime

Tradelove vs. Phats & Small – Sun Comes Out (Extended Mix)

David Morles & Roisin Murph – Golden Era (Federico Scavo Remix)

Shout out to Clarker over at the GoofShack for this groove.

Here are a few sensual melodies to complement that sun-kissed skin.

Goldroom feat. Chela – Fifteen (Freak You Remix)

Silver Sneakerz feat. Ion Stevens – Touch (Extended Mix)

“Reach out and touch somebody.”

What It Feels Like In The Goldroom

I will attempt to describe the feeling or overall sensation…vibe if you will…that one experiences when you are surrounded with the deep, rhythmic, dreamy sounds of Goldroom (and his constituents). It is an environment in which your senses are magnified, your mind begins to wander to far off places of soothing warmth and imagination, and you find yourself happier than you have ever been. Josh Legg’s sounds are a bit slower than your run of the mill dance tunes, but that’s for good reason…they aren’t your “run of the mill” dance tunes. Goldroom’s mixes orchestra a collection of aural linguistics that transcend your best definition of cool. He basically takes you on a one hour musical lesson, teaching your ears (which most likely have been bombarded with shreiking synths, intense bass, and loud electronic noise) what it feels like to love again. Love slowly, gently, but very, very firm.

I am currently listening to his latest mix on repeat, and after the 3rd time through, I just had to share the wealth of fraicheness that is seeping out of its robust atmosphere of funky beats, dreamy rhythms, and sexy vocals. So, here you go. Sit back, and get ready to enjoy one of the best one hour musical journeys…ever. Oh, and if it seems like it can’t get any better, he says “oh, that’s funny, here’s some more.” And we love that.


Goldroom – Trains 
Van She – Coconuts 
The KDMS – Your Love Is Right 
Xtrafunk – Lazy Sunday 
6th Borough Project – Just A Memory 
Goldroom – Catalina (Small Pyramids Remix) 
Monsoon Season – Green On Blue (Moon Boots Remix) 
Alec Carlsson – Euphoria 
Cosmonaut Grechko – Headphone Girl 
Ben Browning – Feels Like 
Charlotte Gainsbourg – Paradisco (Rex The Triangle Remix) 
Peaches & Munk – You Can’t Run From My Love (Classixx Remix) 
Dino Soccio – Dream On… 
Bonar Bradberry – Loose Grip 
Madi Matilda – Day Dreams (MyKill Remix) 
Jane Badler – Yesterday’s Tomorrows (Ride The Universe Remix) 
Flight Facilities – With You (MAM Remix) 
Ulrich Schnauss – As If You’ve Never Been Away 
Goldroom – Fifteen (Freak You Remix)

By the sound of it (and his plethora of dope west coast events Josh Legg is absolutely crushing it out in California. And his music makes me want to sell my useless belongings and buy a plane ticket right now. Like literally, I’ve never been more obsessed with a particular individual musical style in my life. If feel similar, or just think his stuff is pretty fucking chill, don’t hesitate to show him some love via: