SPOTLIGHT: Oliver Nelson


I have been meaning to do a special post on this kid for a while now. Oliver Nelson is based in Stockholm, Sweden and is extremely underrated. He produces funk, disco, nu disco, and groovy electro shtuff. He has become one of my favorite up-and-comers in the nu disco genre, and I foresee nothing but success for this young producer. Get familiar.

Here is his latest production. An amazing remix of MNDR’s hit single “Feed Me Diamonds.” ┬áIt’s quite special. Easily among the best currently available.

This remix is my favorite version of Viceroy‘s track with Ghost Beach called “While We’re In Love.” It is supported by Viceroy himself, and a beautiful piece of producing.

Here we have two fun and funky nu disco renditions of classics from Whitney Houston and Barry Manilow. “How Will I Know” is always a crowd favorite, and if you love the original, you may have just found a replacement. It’s impeccably smooth and has nothing but soulfully delicious vibes. And Barry’s vocals are given new life a top Oliver’s beats.

Passion Pit is always a great call for a house party. Oliver’s rendition of their single “Carried Away” is so spot on it hurts. Grooves on grooves on grooves.

This one has winter written all over it. I’m thinking fireplaces, some offensively expensive bourbon, and a few warm bodies…some love making perhaps? Yea, that was rhetorical. Justin Vernon‘s voice over sensual nu disco vibrations is fun and makes me feel a little horny actually…in a romantic sort of way. Don’t judge me. I’m sensitive.

For more from Oliver, visit his Facebook and Soundcloud.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Ghost Beach – Been There Before [Crazy Heart Records]

Summertime now is spelled “Ghost Beach.” They follow up their hit single “Miracle” with this beauty. Some call it pop, some indie electronic, and even some dub it tropical-pop. All i know for sure is it’s pretty damn sweet. And it makes me feel pretty sweet when I’m bumpin’ it with the windows down.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Ghost Beach – Miracle (Viceroy Remix)

Ghost Beach is an NYC outfit that produces “Tropical grit pop,” hence the call for the first remix of their hit single “Miracle” to be from Viceroy. This marriage of musical sound and vision has produced THE song of the summer for me. Get ready for this to become your favorite song period. Fuck genres.

Here is the original as well. For shits and giggles….

Ghost Beach – Miracle

If you’re not in summer mode yet, this should do the trick.