Beautiful Booties

Here are some of my favorite bootlegs so far this summer accompanied by some equally amazing derrières. Enjoy.

Pryda vs. Temper Trap – Mighty Sweet Disposition (eSQUIRE Bootleg)

“A moment of love.”

Nadia Ali & Alex Sayz vs. Moguai & Tommy Trash – Free To N’ Out (Project 46 Mashup)

“You are free to love. No ones holding you down.”

AN21 & Max Vangelli vs. Steve Angello vs. Otto Knows, ATB, Cristina Soto – Twisted H8RS (Third Culture’s Vocal Bootleg)

“Isn’t that twisted?”

Denzal Park vs. Kings Of Tomorrow – Finally Amarok (Electronique Project Bootleg)

“I knew you’d come knocking one day.”

Deadmau5, Noisa – Some Chords, Hard Into Ghosts, Machine Gun (Porter Matchup)

“Do want to take a leap of faith?”

RELEASE: AN21 & Max Vangelli vs. Steve Angello – H8RS (Original Mix)[SIZE]

When these three get together, big things happen. “H8RS” has been a hugely anticipated track this month, and we are so glad it is finally out on Size Records. Available to purchase via beatport, this one is a must have, power-packed, progressive banger that will leave you crazing more…and will take your speakers to the edge. It was a Pete Tong “Essential New Tune” a few weeks back, and it will surely be a set staple for all the big time DJ/Producers out there.

AN21 & Max Vangelli vs. Steve Angello – H8RS (Original Mix)Beatport Link – $$$$ – Massive energy builder for the main stage. No one can fuck with this track.

First the remix of “The Island,” and now this…these three crush. Fuck h8rs.

PREVIEW: AN21 & Max Vangeli vs. Steve Angello – H8RS (Original Mix) [Zane Lowe Hottest Track In The World]

This is easily one of the biggest unreleased track right now (if not THE biggest), from non other than the Angello brothers and Max Vangelli. The drops are like a fresh slap in the face, the breakdowns are very fraiche and lead right into intense builds and insane drops. The track features some nice vocal samples (laughing and yelling). Make sure to stay for the interview for the interview with Zane Lowe during the track play. And, if my ears are hearing correctly, there is a A2N1 & Max Vangelli album coming out soon….yummmmmy!

“It’s always nice to wake up up to some radio play.” – Steve Angello