Times have been changing fast lately but if life can creep up on you, it usually means you’ve been enjoying yourself. Anyways, I moved away from Boston for the second time in my life to a new city, working a new job… you get the idea. Life is good as it’s ever been but Ralphy and I certainly haven’t been spending as much time on porches together as we used to. Bummer.

So that’s why I’ll be getting back on the music blogroll – simply because I have no frame of reference for the deep grooves, fan parts, and NSFW snapchats Ralphy sends me.

Of course, we never stopped swapping tunes. I suppose music just became more of a private thing this past year with so much else going on – expect to see some oldies mixed up in the coming weeks as I play catch up.

Fortunately for me, despite the relative expansion of the genre, there are many players in the trance family who’s sound doesn’t change as fast as life does. Super 8 & Tab have been making me smile with their signature warm pads and playful breakdowns for years. S8T has been putting out some quality productions as of late, and their remix of BT & Aqualung’s “Surrounded” is no exception. I expect they’ll be moving up in the Top 100 this year – I know I voted for them.

An similar old favorite of mine they did last august to Tritonal’s Piercing Quiet:

Moving on, lucky enough for Ralphy (and also the rest of you) the duo responsible for his magical night in London’s Ministry of Sound is back with some new heat that begs for spring loaded dancefloor.

Thanks to our boys Myon & Shane 54 for playing this on their podcast, International Departures, last week.

If you don’t know how long MS54 have been legends, first look at this:


Then listen to this:

Then check out the full release of their new “summer of love” remix from last Friday – Wings by Tom Swoon.

To wrap things up for tonight here’s a remix I got a while back that I just haven’t been able to stop playing lately. Enjoy it while it’s still summer & Phil Chez is still on tour – Shoe Scene Symphony’s take on “It’s You It’s Me” by Kaskade:





FREE DOWNLOAD: Tiesto Club Life 331 (After Hours Special)

dj_tiesto_with_girls_in_da_club_img21This Sunday Tiesto launched “Club Life After Hours,” a new weekly show on Sirius XM. The 24-hour show will run from 5 a.m. Sunday to 5 a.m. Monday, and while it won’t feature him every week (special guest DJs will be invited to contribute), he mixed the first two hours of the inaugural episode.

“I really like deep and warm vocal house, and this a perfect addition to my Club Life Radio,” Tiësto, told CODE. “It’s a great sound to listen to at home, in the car or while having a Sunday afternoon barbecue. It’s perfect listening music.”

We love Tiesto, and we support his movement towards the sexier side of house. Kaskade did a “Redux” tour earlier this year. Could we see something similar from Tiesto in the near future. I think yes, and I want to be a part of it. Really badly.

Tracklist follows…

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RELEASE: Kaskade – Atmosphere (Extended Mix) [Ultra]


Kaskade is without a doubt, a living legend. In every possible way he has influenced dance music for the better. His music is so damn positive. And when he goes and does stuff like playing a super deep, emotional set for a tiny crowd in NYC, or making a  track like “Atmosphere,” he reminds you why we all love him. Out today on Ultra Records. Enjoy the passion and go love somebody. It’s the right thing to do. Now I’m gonna go put this on repeat and cry a little bit. Peace.

Beatport Link

FREE DOWNLOAD: Kaskade & Deadmau5 vs. Swanky Tunes, Matisse & Sadko – Move For Me The Legend (Kaskade Mash Up)

Kaskade has been consistently giving away free mashups and edits that he plays at his shows. Here is one of the better ones. It uses the vocals from the classic Kaskade and Deadmau5 collaboration, “Move For Me,” and the original mix of Swanky Tunes’ collaboration with Matisse & Sadko called “The Legend.” Works perfectly. Bet your ass I will be dropping with Wallace at a Southside in NYC this Thursday.


The name like a classical composer. The music sounds like funky, deep bass, slow-steppin’ trap and some of the smoothest dubstep I have heard since Adventure Club. Basically, this kid, Matthew Toth is killing it. Does work with JWLS in a side project you may have heard of…GTA ring any bells? Ya, they are just supported by the likes of Afrojack, Laidback Luke, and Tiesto. You should probably check this guy out. Talent.

Here are a few freebies. Don’t be confused. Quality stuff here.

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