RELEASE: Rudimental – Feel The Love (Kill Paris Remix) [Big Beat]


Out this week on Big Beat is the latest remix from Kill Paris, who defines his slow steppin’ dubstep version of Rudimental‘s hit single “Feel The Love” as “makin’ love music.” I guess I wouldn’t go that far, but then again, I have yet to throw this one on the surround sound when a lady friend was over. So I guess I will have to come back to y’all after the weekend to confirm this claim. Overall, I dig the track. Purchase below.


Kill Paris, aka Corey Baker from Los Angeles, CA is on the rise. I definitely have posted several of his recent tracks like “Shades Of Funk” and his 2012 b-side of “The Love We Shared.” Both are must downloads so do your research and get that done. We at AYNE love the up-and-comers. While the “A-list” DJs are flying their private jets to Ibiza or kicking back in their state of the art studio, the guys trying to level up are busy in their modest, often self-constructed home studios, working tirelessly developing their own unique sound. In my opinion, Corey Baker’s hard work will be paid off quite soon. What he calls “dubstep” is not your typical bass heavy nonsense, no offense to the heavy dub people out there…just not my style. It’s not influenced by the crazy electronic dub music that has been made so popular by guys like Skrillex, Datsik, and Nero. It’s its own beautiful thing, proving further that despite the genre, every artist has an individual style and technique. Check out Kill Paris on display:

Kill Paris produces smooth, crisp, deeply melodic dubstep or as he so graphically puts it “Panty Soak” music that makes me smile. Each track is calm and collected while, at the same time, has the power to make you move and groove. They are dreamy, filled with funky bass vibes, and are each wonderfully constructed. In some ways it reminds me of Starslinger but with more depth. To put it concisely, this music is special. Kill Paris will be a big big name soon, so we advise you to get familiar. Take a listen to a bunch of his catalog below and grab some free downloads via his Soundcloud page.

Find more music, info, and events on the Kill Paris Facebook page and follow him on Twitter for the latest news and releases!

FREE DOWNLOAD: Kill Paris – The Love We Shared (2012 B-Side)

I have definitely fallen for the dope sounds of Kill Paris. He his also known as Corey Baker of Los Angeles, CA. He is one talented son of a gun. Listen to this track and it will help you fully grasp the brilliance that puts him a step above the rest right now. Seriously great production here. Works perfect when its dark.

Wednesday Wompfest [05.23.2012]

So…we have been off the womp game as of late, and we are going to make up for it in a big way…promise. Here is a nice start. These few are straight BOMBS…definitely a more “quality over quantity” approach this week. Enjoy, you bassheads you.


Kill Paris – Shades Of Funk (Original Mix)

Dope Vocals

Netsky – Come Alive (Original Mix)

Serious Bass

Bare & Datsik – King Kong (Original Mix)


Notorious B.I.G. – Get Money (Voodoo Farm Remix)

Electro House

Wendel Kos & Rockcity – Take Me Away (TON!C Remix)

Scooter & Lavelle feat. Sue Cho – Beats Inside My Head (Minero Remix)

Womp strong. Womp long.