Here’s couple of random songs I found today. The two tracks by Peter Luts are progressive house/progressive electro combos, hard to explain as they have many different elements, but they are fraiche. The Tune Brothers remix of Afrojack’s “Esther” is more of tech house, minimal, and electro blend, it’s good for a club or party, probably not gonna play it in your car though.

Peter Luts – After Dark (Original Mix) $$$ progressive house buildups with heavyyyy drops

Peter Luts – Arp of Noah (Original Mix)

Afrojack – Esther 2K12 (Tune Brothers Remix)

PREVIEW: David Puentez – Envy (Original + Muzzaik Remix)[Next Plateau Entertainment]

Big new, piano-driven, progressive house bomb from an AYNE favorite, David Puentez. After experiencing huge success with his remix of Peter Luts’ “Everyday” and his special Miami bootleg of Roger Sanchez’s “Lost,” David is back with a fantastic new production. Also featured in the upcoming release on Next Plateau Entertainment is a fraiche remix from a personal favorite of mine, Muzzaik. Which is your favorite?

PREVIEW: David Puentez – Envy (Original Mix)

PREVIEW: David Puentez – Envy (Muzzaik Remix) 

RELEASE DATE: 04.17.2012

PREVIEW: Peter Luts – Everyday (David Puentez Remix)[Sinuz]

Here is a preview of a HUGE remix coming out the weekend of Ultra Music Festival 2012 in Miami from the one and only David Puentez. It’s a remix of Peter Luts’s “Everyday,” and it has anthem written all over it. It will be released on Sinuz Records on March 26th…March is turning out to be pretty damn special.

PREVIEW: Peter Luts – Everyday (David Puentez Remix)[Sinuz]

Ooooh ya.

Blast from the past

This song is a trance anthem from back in the glory days, I would be shocked if anyone has not heard it.  I remember lacing up some bauer 3000’s to this sheeeeet in the locker room back in the ’02-’03 era.  The remix is the real reason I posted it, its got some Chuckie style synths that work on the dance flo.  Put the original up along with a Peter Luts remix ($$$$) in case anyones trying to get supa twanceyyyyyy.

Mario Deline – Something (Feat. Inez) (Discomaenner Remix)

Lasgo – Something (Original Extended Mix)

Lasgo – Something (Peter Luts Remix) Long build but very sexy.