PREVIEW: Jesusdapnk – Sanity (FULL ALBUM)


Some, deep, funky, house music for your day off. This is a full preview of Jesusdapnk‘s full length album, titled “Sanity,” and which will be released on Beatport very soon. Full tracklist below. Enjoy.

1. Jesusdapnk – Like Love (Original Mix)
2. Jesusdapnk – Praise Me (Original Mix)
3. Jesusdapnk – Some Synths (Original Mix)
4. Jesusdapnk – Machine Gun (Original Mix)
5. Jesusdapnk – Sanity (Original Mix)
6. Jesusdapnk – Stabs of Death (Original Mix)
7. Jesusdapnk & HAUSEN – Generation 2010 (Original Mix)
8. Jesusdapnk – Fin (Original Mix)
9. Jesusdapnk – Expressing Myself (Original Mix)

Above & Beyond – Group Therapy 056 (Fon.Leman Guest Mix) + “Constant Religion” Album Preview


Over the last year, Fon.Leman has quickly become one of my favorite producers in all of music. He has, as friends Above & Beyond put it, “that all to rare progressive sound.” For lack of a better descriptor, Alex Leman is a unique talent. The depth and complexity of his music is extremely impressive, and his melodies seem to work in perfect unison while standing out individually as they completely entrance the listener. I for one cannot wait to experience one of his live shows. Here at AYNE we are all about the vibes, and with Alex, they are quite strong. I just pre-ordered the album. You should probably go ahead and do that, or simply purchase a copy when it comes out tomorrow. I have been drooling over “Constant Religion” for weeks now, and it will be on repeat until the new year and will be an inspiration to my original work in 2014. For all of us, we thank you Fon.Leman, for these 12 truly beautiful songs. If you aren’t on the BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix by February, I will be extremely upset and confused. Cheers my man. This album is legendary, and I have to say, I have listened to this guest mix at least 5 times. I get emotional every time. Oh and one more thing…follow Intricate Records, they are doing some big things over there these days. You won’t be disappointed.


Group Therapy Guest Mix Trackilst:

01. Fon.Leman – Califorman [Intricate]
02. Fon.Leman – My Way [Intricate]
03. Fon.Leman – M3 [Intricate]
04. Fon.Leman – Phoenix Rising [Intricate]
05. Fon.Leman – Tiberium Prophecy [Intricate]
06. Fon.Leman – Conastant Religion [Intricate]

Album Preview

Electronic Youth presents “Was, Is, & Now ” (Mixtape)


Listened to this mix twice now. One of the best collections of 100% original music made into a mix. I am in love with it. Deep, sensual, funky vibes throughout as the UK-based duo, Electronic Youth, holds onto the groove tight while dropping a perfect mixture of deep house and some g house sprinkled in there. Release date for the album is January 13, 2013. I strongly encourage a purchase.


PREVIEW: Arty feat. Fiora – Grand Finale (Original Mix) [Ministry Of Sound]


The wizkid is back. One of the most beautiful, blissful, elegant tracks I have ever heard. At this point Arty might have invented the term “magic touch.” And we have to give props on choosing Fiora on the vocals. The girl has got that special something. Make sure you put this at the top of your watch list for this month. It’s essential.

RELEASE DATE: 07.22.2013

PREVIEW: The Child Of Lov – Give It To The People (Fehrplay Remix) [Domino]


We always knew that Fehrplay could take it real deep. This new remix is a prime example. The vibes are dark and ominous. I feel like doing something naughty. Dammit I can’t wait to play this in a pitch black basement club and see the reaction. I’m sure it will involve some sexual behavior.

RELEASE: Kaskade – Atmosphere (Extended Mix) [Ultra]


Kaskade is without a doubt, a living legend. In every possible way he has influenced dance music for the better. His music is so damn positive. And when he goes and does stuff like playing a super deep, emotional set for a tiny crowd in NYC, or making a  track like “Atmosphere,” he reminds you why we all love him. Out today on Ultra Records. Enjoy the passion and go love somebody. It’s the right thing to do. Now I’m gonna go put this on repeat and cry a little bit. Peace.

Beatport Link

PREVIEW: Dusky – Vanishing Point EP [Naked Naked]


Another splendid EP from Dusky. We’ll be waiting patiently. Out soon on Naked Naked. In the meantime, brush up on some of their older stuff, and if you can get out hands on a good live set, please send it our way. Still feeling the vibrations from their performance at Last Resort this year at WMC in Miami.