[Spotlight] MadMixMustang

Being a naturalist, I typically hate Mash-Ups. That being said, when a real musician takes on the project of mashing songs together, occasionally the finished project can be pretty epic. I stumbled upon this bro the other day and have since downloaded a handful of his mash-ups for free at his website: madmixmustang.nl. I was pleasantly surprised by both his song selection and execution. I really wish I knew who this bro was, so I could personally thank him for making me a believer.

Michael really does make a great back-up singer for Sting.

Rod Stewart is a legend. Fucking love this song.

Celebrate, don’t wait too late…

Do you remember the time when we first met?

Are You That Somebody That I Used To Know (MadMixMustang MashUp) ~ Aaliyah vs. Gotye $$$$$

…Or you can visit his YouTube Channel for more masterpieces (and a few fails).

RELEASE: Vegas Baby! vs. Royksopp – What Else Is There (Original Mix)

One of my favorite songs of any genre and of all time is Lifelike’s remix of Royksopp’s “What Else Is There.” Now it’s official. We had a 2012 version that is packing a bit more umph. In fact, I would go as far to say it’s now a house anthem. Check this new release from Vegas Baby! below.

Vegas Baby! vs. Royksopp – What Else Is There (Original Mix) – $$$$ – “And then flashlights and explosions.” – My thought exactly.