VOS6 Art

Here it is ladies and gents. The last Visions of Summer mix for 2013. Think of it as the grand finale. Yes I could have made it 4 hours, but that seems excessive. So it’s almost 3 hours, and it’s nothing but beautiful productions from some of my favorite artists and labels. Of course there are some from the Anjunabeats camp, as well as several from the hottest rising label in progressive house right now, Ifonika, which has produced killer tracks from Roddy Reynaert and JimiJ…to name a couple. There are some older deep cuts, a couple edits from myself, a new single from The Chainsmokers, and numerous selections from the Enhanced imprints. Maybe if you’re lucky, I will post the tracklist. In the meantime, grab your favorite headphones or speakers and get into it.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Vitodito & Sedi vs. Zedd feat. Matthew Koma – Breathe In Trampas (WILKI Sessi Summertime Edit)


It’s been awhile…I knowww. Got a new edit for you kids. The vibe is strong with this one. Sedi puts that magic touch on a sensational original from Vitodito and Matthew Koma‘s vocals just feel right. Throw it on and get that euphoric summer vibe. I will be at Audien and Adrian Lux tonight at Webster melting. Come join me. I’m sure you can figure out how to contact me. Cheers.


WILKI - VOS 4 Art 1

It’s almost summer time. And that means party time. Some beautiful soul found my cell phone last night, so I was in a great mood this morning. And as a result, you all get brand new mix. It’s got tons of stuff in it. Some progressive, some of that new age trance, some big room progressive sing alongs for the ladies, and even a nice little deep section at the end. Basically, if you thought you were not partying today, you were mistaken. Enjoy.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Zedd Ft. Foxes – Clarity (Infinite Sole & C3ASARE Remix)


I’m gonna say that this is, without a doubt, my favorite remix of Clarity. By far. Comes from two guys I haven’t heard of until now, Infinite Sole and C3ASARE. The song itself is a beautiful song (made me tear up when Tiesto played it in DC, though that was probably due to several other factors too.. you know how raving is), but this version makes it even more so.

RELEASE: Zedd feat. Foxes – Clarity Remixes [Interscope] + 3 Unofficial Remixes


This is easily the biggest remix package I have seen for a dance track since spectrum…and oh yea, that was Zedd as well. Coincidence? Me thinks not. Anyways, this star-studded lineup of remixers includes the like of Tiesto, Swanky Tunes, Funkagenda, and Felix Cartel, as well as a few rising stars by the names of Nick Thayer, who supported Zedd and Porter Robinson on their “Poseidon” tour last year, Shreddie Mercury and Torro Torro. Preview the cream of the crop below and purchase all via Beatport. And as a bonus we have included three of our favorite unofficial remixes, which are provided as free downloads thanks to the artists themselves.


Swanky Tunes simply does not produce tracks that would fall into the “chill” category. They make stadium shit. And we eat it up. This is my #1 off the EP. Everything about it screams “PLAY ME…right fucking now!”

This one comes in second. Shreddie Mercury produces extremely fresh electro house. Get up on the level people.

If you want to get straight buck wild tonight…look no further.

Felix always goes HITP. Respect.

Thanks to Walden and Dancing Astronaut for this bad boy. Great stuff.

This one is from Fareoh, who apparently missed the cutoff for the official EP release, so he decided to give it away for free. Thank him by showing him some love on his Facebook page. It’s the right thing to do…especially since this track is fucking fantastic.

Here is my favorite of all the remixes/edits/bootegs I have heard so far. I have been following these bros from Hungary for some time now and they keep getting better and better. They call themselves Massive Vibes and they are doing a decent job of living up to the name. If you remember, I used their instrumental track “Touched By The Light” in my bootleg of Clarity (download here in case you missed it).

EXCLUSIVE: Massive Vibes vs. Zedd feat. Foxes – Touched By Clarity (WILKI Bootleg) [Free Download]

WILKI - MV Zedd:Foxes - TBC Art

I mean I’m was definitely due for another bootleg. Been waiting for the right track to combine with the epic vocals  Zedd‘s latest hit single, “Clarity.” Foxes takes you to an emotional high, and with the fantastic instrumental track titled “Touched By The Light,” from up-and-coming producers Massive Vibes underneath, you get a euphoric progressive anthem. Let’s be real, we may hate on the whole “Avicii-esq” progressive format, but you know what? Fuck it. It’s catchy and makes me happy. Hope you kids enjoy the new track. Can’t wait to play it live this coming weekend.

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